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We clean your home like it is our home. Call us at 914-490-8138 to schedule an appointment for a free, no obligation roof, siding, patio or deck cleaning estimate. Thank you. We look forward to serving you soon.

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Our History

Westchester Power Washing was founded in 1990 by retired Police Officer Peter Salotto. Wanting to serve and beautify the community, after hours instead of working overtime at events, Peter followed his passion and washed thousands of roofs and home exteriors until retirement from police work.

With almost 30 years in the business, Peter Salotto has personally washed over 18,000 homes. Yes, that‘s 18 thousand, which includes all types of roofs, siding, patios, walkways and decks. In fact, when you call Westchester Power Washing, Peter is the one who personally washes your home’s exterior or roof and is the one who provides you with a free, no obligation home exterior and roof cleaning estimate.

Due to Peter and Westchester Power Washing’s commitment to community and love for all animals, we only use environmentally friendly products that achieve the best cleaning results while keeping your family, home, pets and landscape safe. Westchester Power Washing’s cleaning methods are the standard of professional power washers. Our soft roof washing process is the only approved method by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association as well as approved by the largest roof shingle producers.

Soft roof washing and home exterior cleaning is our specialty. Our proven soft wash roof cleaning process safely and quickly removes roof algae, kills mold and brings back the curb appeal of your home. Our extensive experience with all types of roofs and home exteriors safeguards you against the damage prone and unsafe cleaning methods used by others.

Thank you for taking the time to get familiar with Westchester Power Washing. As your neighbor, we want to work together with you to keep our homes and environment clean, our property values up and give the children a safe and clean neighborhood.


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Our Commitment To You

Westchester Power Washing is committed to providing our clients the highest quality of service and professionalism. Our roof and siding cleaning soft wash techniques as well as the products we use meet and exceed the standards of the industry.

We completely eradicate mold (black streaks), moss, algae, lichen, fungus & bacteria from your roof and home’s exterior.

We offer you our 5 Year Streak-Free Roof Guarantee. We are fully insured. Have served more than 15,000 satisfied clients. You don’t pay until the job is done.

P.S.- The black streaks on your roof are eating your roof shingles. The black streaks, mold, mildew, lichens and fungus will destroy your shingles and reduce your home’s efficiency. Waiting to clean your roof only makes matters worse. The roof stains and damage don’t just go away. We can clean and remove the mold, mildew, lichens and fungus and save your roof today. If you didn’t know, replacing a roof can cost 20x the price of cleaning your roof.

FYI – Insurance companies are known to cancel homeowner’s policies due to their roof exhibiting black streaks. Black streaks are a sign of mold growing beneath the shingles. This compromises your roof’s life expectancy and suggests it may be in need of costly repair. Washing your roof regularly saves it from premature repair and aging while helping your home maintain energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Call us today at 914-490-8138 for a free roof washing or home exterior cleaning estimate. We can have the exterior of your home cleaned immediately or when you are ready. We are local and am always available if you have any questions.

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Discover how to keep your roof, siding and home exterior clean, maintain curb appeal & increase your home’s value. We’re experts at roof and home exterior cleaning. In almost 30 years in business serving Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, NY., Westchester Power Washing has cleaned over 18,000 homes. For a free home pressure cleaning and roof washing quote or questions, please call 914-490-8138 .

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