Pressure Cleaning Homes and Roofs

Pressure cleaning homes, roofs and siding can be hard work. Many homeowners attempt to pressure clean their roofs and siding only to discover it is tedious. Due to this, many home cleaning DIY- Do It Yourself- ends with the homeowner calling a professional home exterior washing company. Given the extreme temperatures and high pollen count, cleaning home exteriors leave some homeowners sick, fatigued and regretting the decision.


In addition, pressure cleaning a home requires expertise. You need a professional grade pressure washer. You also need the correct pressure cleaning nozzles. Also, the proper cleaning solution so you can effectively remove black streaks, dirty, mold, mildew and lichens. All without damaging your roof shingles, siding, landscape and health.


Westchester Power Washing been in business since 1990 pressure cleaning and washing home exteriors, roofs, siding, patios, outdoor furniture and decks. When it comes to washing a home or roof, nothing beats experience. Peter Salotto, owner of Westchester Power Washing has washed more than 15,000 homes, roofs, siding and decks in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County.


Therefore, Peter Salotto is a home exterior pressure cleaning pro who is highly recommended. Numerous websites, including google reviews and yelp give Westchester Power Washing 5 stars. As a result, they are rated the #1 best home exterior and roof cleaning business in the NY area.


If you want to pressure wash or pressure clean your house, roof, deck, patio or siding, call or text Peter at Westchester Power Washing – 914-490-8138 – for a free house pressure cleaning estimate.

Having your roof cleaned regularly can help your roof last longer and help your roof be more efficient at keeping your home cool and free of algae, lichens, moss and fungus. Proper roof maintenance extends the life of your roof and can save you thousands of dollars down in the long run.

Roof cleaning prevents premature decaying of the roof which leads to expensive repairs or entire roof replacement.

Westchester Power Washing is expertly trained to properly clean your roof and help your roof last for years to come. Westchester Power Washing is the most recommended expert for roof cleaning in Armonk, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Pleasantville, Scarsdale and Chappaqua. As well as other towns in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County.

Below are 3 compelling reasons to hire a professionals to clean your roof or siding.

Cleaning a roof is a challenging as well as dangerous job if not properly trained and you do not have the right experience, equipment or know how. If you stood by and watched Peter, owner of Westchester Power Washing power wash a roof it might look easy- but many people fall off roofs and get chemical burns from using dangerous cleaning products.

To clean your roof, you need the right cleaning products. If not, your roof could sustain extensive roof damage that costs expensive roof repairs or roof replacement.

Westchester Power Washing uses safe and effective solutions that kill mold instantly.

    Lichens, algae, moss and fungus not only make your roof look dirty, it also has a much more damaging affect on your roof and your health. These bacteria breed and feed off of your shingles and limestone that is commonly used in shingles. This can take years off the life of your roof. Regularly cleaning your roof, even when you do not see the mildew as it can still be there but not yet visible to the naked eye, can prevent a major roof problem from manifesting.

    According to a recent study, the average roof repair in Armonk, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Pleasantville as well as neighboring towns in Westchester County far exceeds $15,000. Imagine having to replace your entire roof.


    There are people who question whether roof cleaning is worth the investment. While reasons #1-ROOF CLEANING IS NOT AS EASY AS IT APPEARS and #2- ROOF CLEANING PREVENTS LICHENS, ALGAE, MOSS & FUNGUS should prove the point of the necessity of regular roof cleaning to be a great investment, there is another reason to clean your roof.

Having your roof cleaned regularly is cheaper than a roof replacement.

Even if it seems as if you don’t need a thorough roof cleaning, you may need one. The sooner you catch the algae, fungus, moss and lichens growing on your roof, the better off your roof and your bank account will be.

Beware, spot cleaning your roof is not necessarily the solution either. While it appears the problem is just on one area of your roof, it may be affecting your entire roof.

Professional roof cleaning is your most critical roof maintenance solution. When you are in need of having your roof cleaned, make sure you hire professionals. Of course we recommend, Westchester Power Washing as they have served Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County for more than 25 years and are experts at roof cleaning and more.

Calling Peter at Westchester Power Washing at (914) 490-8138 will cost you absolutely nothing but what Peter can save you in the long run by doing a professional and free roof and home evaluation may end up saving you thousands in preventable roof repairs.



There are lots of companies and individuals that can throw together a flyer, brochure or website and advertise cheap roof cleaning services. These inexperienced services may seem like a great deal but as the latin phrase says- Caveat emptor- “Let the buyer beware.”

Cheaper usually costs more money in the long run and when it comes to your roof, that money can cost you a tremendous amount more in terms of dollars, time and inconvenience.

For expert pressure cleaning service, free house, roof and siding cleaning estimates, call Peter at Westchester Power Washing at (914) 490-8138.